About Us

Water For Life Institute first came to Kosovo in 2008. They heard about the great need for clean water and proper sanitation in the village of Tushile, Skenderaj through a friend, soon after they started to negotiate with the people from the village on how to improve drinking water, and sanitation and teach more about hygiene. The practical work started in 2009. They started with the families who were living on social support from the government (75 Euros per month). In order to partner with us and receive assistance with their well, families must be willing to meet the following three conditions developed by Water for Life Kosovo: 1. Families must pay 10% of the cost of all materials used 2. Families must provide all the labor needed for the completion of project 3. Families must volunteer a member or members of their family to assist their neighbor with the repair of their well.

After the first village was finished in 2014, WFLK moved to the next village with the same project.

WFLK’s main focus is to upgrade, rehabilitate and repair the wells that are used for drinking water. We do this by upgrading the infrastructure: building a cement ring with a lid, paving with cement around the well for protection, installing an electric pump, and building 500 liters of water storage under the roof. In the end, we bleach the well with chlorine and teach them how to do it on regular basis.

WFLK helps with sanitation (wastewater) too. We help families to move their wastewater from their houses to a septic tank.

WFLK gives a high priority to hygiene also by sharing important information with people in the villages.

In the last four years, WFLK has been able to help improve water quality in the village of Kllodernice 129 families. At the moment are working on seven different projects in the village.

In 2013 WFLI was registered as Water For Life Kosovo, the first organization in Kosovo with such a mission, to improve drinking water and help with sanitation.
Water For Life Kosovo was founded by:

  • Board members: ImirGashi, Kjell Carlson, Jeff Greenberg, and Derek Chignell
  • Staff: Arben Hoti (Legal reperentative) and Besnik Hoti (project manager)
  • Projects: region of Skenderaj, villages Tushilë, Kllodernicë, Kopiliq i Epërm, Kopiliq i Poshëtem and Turiqec