Objective of the project

Our main objective of the project is to improve the wellbeing of a family by meeting their basic needs in the aspect of water, sanitation and hygiene in those remote/rural areas where access to safe drinking water is a big challenge. By helping these communities have access to a better drinking water infrastructure, their basic life spheres are directly improved such as their health, social life, economic situation, environment etc. Through accomplishment of this objective all family members are affected especially women and children are the ones to benefit the most. Due to the fact that women in these areas are in charge with cleaning, cooking, hygiene and many other responsibilities that are closely related to water.

The way to accomplish this project objective is through the partnership/close collaboration between our team and the families themselves. There are three conditions developed by Water for Life Kosovo which should be fulfilled by the families of these communities as following: 1. Families must pay 10% of the cost of all materials used; 2. All the labor needed for completion of a project within a family unit should be done by the family itself; and 3. They must chose a family member (minimum one) as a volunteer assistance in the next neighborhood project.

These conditions were set in order to promote a sense of ownership/responsibility and independence when it comes to taking initiatives for improving things in the family and to develop sustainability within in the community as people are asked to participate with their finances and physical assistance.