Our Mission

The Water for Life Kosovo is a non-profit organization registered in the city of Prishtina, Kosovo. WLK has an independent trustee board and financial structure and serves communities in need of WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene).

Water for Life Kosovo uses a combination of appropriate water technologies, water health education and basic research so that communities can identify and solve their water problems. Our mission is not to simply provide safe drinking water to those in need, but to train individuals and communities to create and maintain their own local water resources. We do so by a highly interactive process combining formal instruction with hands-on training.

Work consists of a combination of repairing/rehabilitating a family well, installing an electrical pump and installation of water storage in the house. After the infrastructure is put in, we put chlorine and teach them how to do it on regular basis.

A typical household project begins by conducting a survey to the household with the family owner. A list of needed supplies for the project completion is put together. Afterwards a plan is made of all the needed steps towards the well repairment.