Our Approach

  • WFLK is hands-on— Our staff is actively involved in the projects in the field for significant periods of time during the year.
  • WFLK is assistive— We work alongside those responsible for their community’s water needs to find solutions that will work for their unique situation.
  • WFLK is long term — We build relationships, use technology and resources available to the community and train community members to maintain their safe water systems for future generations.
  • WFLK is investment minded — We train the community to care for its own needs and to share what they have learned with neighboring communities.
  • WFLK is local — We specialize in simple techniques at the household and small community level rather than large-scale centralized water systems that are difficult for local communities to resource and maintain.
  • WFLK is holistic — We address the related issues of sanitation and hygiene so that the community can use its safe water in a healthy environment.